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Hiya my name is Krutika Adatia and I am the founder and owner of The Accountaholics.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and have been immersed in the world of accounting for over 15 years. Having studied Accounting for A-level, it was evident that I had a knack for numbers and an innate ability to grasp the subject well. So I pursued this further by studying Accounting at University. Alongside my First Class Honours Degree in Accounting, I have won the prestigious Chris Reay Memorial Prize for obtaining the highest average marks for my professional stage Chartered Accountancy exams #proud.

Whilst studying I volunteered helping students with their learning, and it became apparent to me fairly early on that I really enjoyed passing on my knowledge, it gave me a real sense of purpose and reward. I went on to qualify as an ACA and moved into the education sector shortly afterwards, working for a renowned market leader in the delivery of professional qualification tuition. This enabled me to marry my two strengths, my natural flair for Accounting and my passion for passing on knowledge to others #winning.

I know that studying for any professional Accountancy exam is a grueling process! However, having sat countless exams, I have come to the realisation that any exam can be viewed as a game. The more you play, the better you get!


My vision in setting up The Accountaholics is to give you access to free resources that can support your learning, making you better at ‘playing the game’. I want you to really profit from the knowledge, and who knows even become 'Accountaholics' #addictedtoaccounting.

Whether you’re just beginning your exam journey, part-way through or nearing completion, our resources may just be the asset you need to balance your books.



Bitesize video content covering various topics, exam tips and tricks.


Articles exploring technical concepts

Adhoc ​

A collection of other useful resources

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